I always been attracted to all forms of art, or expression, and all my life has turn into that, this is a selection of my works from my early stages to more recent time.

Let’s called the beginning…

I always like to draw, first comics big fan of dark characters like Wolverine, HellBoy, Spawn…at some point a group of illustrator made the first comic book in Costa Rica, Named Camaleon Comix, I create this character name Necrotica, at that time start experimenting with some street art (early graffiti ) and more lately when I get into tattoos I made occasionally flash art for my friends.

The Advertising Years…

I spend some time doing print artwork, brochures, ads, magazines… you named,  Working with an agency on the earlies of Y2K, when a designer was also brand designer,  prepress, image correction, color correction, using a lot the path tool, Adobe Package and CMYK was my playground, and still is! #GraphicDesign  #ProductDesign

Design & Code for the Web

When Pencil meets Pixels, and Pixels meet Code, once I made the transition for graphic designer to web designer when the web was made of Netscape, Macromedia and Alta Vista, currently I enjoy coding a PSD or design and code my own. Sketch, Photoshop, Figma meets VSCode.

Other Cool Stuffs I Do

I also spend some time, with my other passion WordPress, I’m Speaker and Co-Organizer of my local community….don’t tell anybody I love to do street art, so occasionally I do some.


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