El Puas Front-End Developer

Hi, my name is Alfredo Navas, better known as el.puas and I am a Web Artisan based in the beautiful Costa Rica.

I run a small workshop of Web Design & Development, I specialize in custom WordPress Development, eCommerce and Hybrid Apps.

I also help my local WordPress community as a organizer/speaker of the MeetUp Group , organizer and speaker of WordCamp San Jose, volunteer and speaker of several camps that include WordCamp US, WordCamp MIA, WordCamp Managua and WordPress Rome Group.

Occasional Writer, I like to write about latest trends, new tech, mostly related to WordPress. Take a look at my recent posts here.

When time allows, I like to draw, using any material at hand it can be a pen, a pencil a sharpie, spray paint, and on any surface it can be a book, stickers, paper, canvas or a wall.

My blog is a mix of spanish and english post, since those are the languages I speak,  lucky me I got a multicultural background, as I born in Peru, from a Peruvian family and a Big Italian family from my mother side,  I got both citizenship and with a big  family spreading around the globe it allow me to travel a lot.