Online Store with Mobile App

Made With:

Client: AppDerma S.A.
WooCommerce Online Store | Hybrid Apps for IOS & Android
Country: Peru

The Challenge

Building a Online Store with mobile app, it would have custom taxonomies and a custom product search form, one back-end, same content, custom checkout fields, dynamic pricing, coupons plus a points and rewards system.

Setting Up

My Project recipe:
– WordPress
– WooCommerce
– AppPresser
– WP-Types
– Gravity Forms
– Some Custom Functions

Move On

With WordPress and WooCommerce i already have my store and backend, for my mobile app i use AppPresser, this plugin use the power of the WP REST API to deliver content fast and accurate. For my custom products taxonomies and the custom product search i choose WP-Types, it’s a set of plugins, easily allow me to create all my custom taxonomies for my products, then i create my search form with the use of the view plugin.

For the Dynamic Pricing, Custom Checkouts Fields and Points & Rewards i use WooCommerce Extensions that i customize a little. this in conjunction with gravity forms allow the customers to collect their rewards, it generates a coupon that the customer can exchange for selected rewards.

Once all the setup is done i create my themes one for web and the other for mobile, do some styling, add my custom functions & scripts and the final step was using AppPresser to create my mobile apps.

With AppPresser i create a .zip file that i also customize a little, then with the use of PhoneGap i create my ipa and apk files ready to submit on the stores, here is an article i wrote about creating mobile apps.