Graphic Novel Sketches

Maquina & The Man that doesn’t feel


Series of Sketches for a graphic novel I have in mind, it’s about a Robot created long ago by visionary leonardo d’Vinci, he works for the Vatican as a field agent against a group named the illuminati, they want to bring back Cthulhu (if you read H. P. Lovecraft you will know what i’m talking about), a demon and create a New World Order, to achieve this they must look for 7 gems hiding across the world.

Maquina is inspired by the promise of God giving him a soul, he and his pal a man without a feeling, as he doesn’t feel pain, he can’t feel love, he was a merciless and ruthless killer, now he wants God’s forgiveness.


In this one, the first chapter, Maquina & His Pal, travel to Peru to an ancient villa, where the Illuminati’s has officially resurrected and ancient INCA demon.

It’s only in a rough sketch stage, this will be a long, long project i barely have time at the moment. 🙂