Why hire a developer overseas

Author: Alfredo Navas

A good remote developer is better than a bad local developer. A great remote developer is better than a good local developer. A top developer is a top developer regardless of where they are.

Naysayers have to agree the reduced overhead cost is probably the biggest factor for outsourcing. For instance, when you outsource development to Costa Rica it means that the developer is located there and not in your office. The individual does not requires an office set-up. There are no or minimal operational, educational or technological costs associated with an offshore freelancer. All you pay for is the development cost.

Use the best, not the cheapest, and you’ll create overseas teams who are 10x in their totality: your team’s whole will be worth far, far more than the sum of its parts.

Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a middle-income, developing economy, with a tradition of democracy. The life expectancy at birth here is one of the world’s highest–outstripping both the U.S. and the U.K., in fact. Thanks to its long history as a destination, tourist facilities are extensive. And because English is a second language for many Costa Ricans, the country feels visitor-friendly.

And, of course, the weather is simply made for leisure. The dry season is December to April; the rainy season is May to November. As you would expect, it’s cooler in the highlands. The higher in elevation you go, the cooler the average temperatures.

Costa Rica is a nature-lover’s dream. The country has a progressive approach to conservation, which ensures that its jungles, coasts, wetlands, and other environments with their renowned biodiversity, continue to be home to a truly mind-boggling assortment of species, from birds to butterflies, monkeys to wild cats, and hothouse flowers.

Costa Rica has evolved from transactional functions to multifunctional sophisticated processes including financial analysis, regional centers, software development & IT, and engineering and design, among many other business opportunities.

Today, Costa Rica provides a mature environment for complex business processes and stands as the #1 Exporter of high value added services in Latin America, surpassing Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Peru. So if you are looking for some costa rica devs for your next project, well, this is the place to start. My name is Alfredo Navas and i consider myself a creative technologist, I've working on web design and web development in costa rica since 1998, and as a member and co-founder of the WordPress Costa Rica group, I specialize in anything WordPress, from full site setup and theme customization to minor tweaks.

I work as a WordPress Front-End Developer every day and am fully up to date with the latest in functionality, responsiveness and design trends.

I also have a team of experienced frontend & backend developers, designers and content writers, that can help you on your next project.

with good communication skills on your language and a strongly knowledge of the latest technologies, with the right time zone makes it a perfect location for most U.S. locations when real-time collaboration during work hours is a must.

Let's make the web a better place together!

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