My Website Workflow

Author: Alfredo Navas

After postponing for months, finally a spark of creativity. It came suddenly and at the end I can say that my website is ready, learned new things in the way that i want to share. I ‘m part of the WordPress Costa Rica community, so occasionally i give chats, plus 80% of my work is to develop or customize themes for WP , so my website must run on this platform.

It was at the WordCamp Miami 2015, I put attention on _s, a starter theme to develop my own themes, and by Automattic the fathers of WP. Pretty neat!  so I look for a generator at Yeoman and I found wp-underscores and the best of all it install Bootstrap and Sass! Now Grunt, Bower, create my Git repository... Well I have to add Bootstrap to my theme, Bootstrap is there but I need to add it to my files.

A while ago I had found this article, which helped me a lot at the moment, here is the link if you want to try. On that page you can get a step by step guide on how to add Bootstrap on your theme, such as including css and js via wp_enqueue_style and wp_enqueue_script, the walker the sidebar,the footer, Everything.

Recently i gave a talk on a page builder called Visual Composer, as a Front-End Developer I spend most of my time between family and work, I have little time for personal projects, VC is a marvel, It's a drag and drop page builder. Quite quickly i layout the Website, so I could focus on the perfect colors, improve my portfolio, write my first post, all this took me no more than 20hrs spread over 4 nights, with plenty of coffee off course.

Then install “the others". Plug ins that I use in most of my sites, in this case i use LayerSlider, Advanced Recent Posts, Contact Form 7, Custom Login URL and Yoast SEO. After the media queries and more coffee, here is my new website, I hope you enjoy it!

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