Hi, my name is Alfredo Navas, better known as el.puas , I am a Web Artisan based in the beautiful Costa Rica.

I run a small workshop of Web Design & Development, I specialize in custom WordPress Development & The JAMStack with GatsbyJS.

I also help my local community as a organizer/speaker of the MeetUp Group and Gatsby Latinamerica Facebook Group, organizer and speaker of WordCamp San Jose, volunteer and speaker of several camps and conference across the globe, that include WordCamp US, WordCamp MIA, WordCamp Managua, WordCamp CDMX, WordPress Rome MeetUp, JavaScript for WordPress, GatsbyConf to mention a few. 🔥

Occasional Writer, I like to write about latest trends, new tech, mostly related to WordPress, GatsbyJS or JavaScript. Take a look at my Blog here.

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